CAASA Class: Basic CIO-Part 1 & 2

CAASA Classes

Basic CIO Part 1 (AM) & Part 2 (PM) - WebEx Only - Hosted by Marin & Monterey County


Natalie Russell

Marina Camacho

Class Content:

The two sessions will be a broad overview of basic changes in ownership and exclusions, and is intended to be an introductory class for people new to the change in ownership area.
Basic CIO-Session 1: This session will briefly cover definitions, different methods of holding title, and what constitutes a change in ownership for basic ownerships (such as tenancy in common, joint tenancy, life estates, trusts, etc.).
Basic CIO-Session 2: This session will briefly cover basic exclusions from change in ownership (such as parent/child, grandparent/grandchild, base year value transfers, co-tenancy, partitions, etc.), as well as miscellaneous situations (such as Legal Entities, Leases, Foreclosures, Rescissions, Section 11, etc.).

Recommended Reading for Change in Ownership Class:

Revenue and Taxation Codes 60 – 69.5; Property Tax Rules 462.001 – 462.260; Assessor’s Handbook AH 401.


All Dates

  • 2020-01-23